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v3.1.1 Apr 7th 2019

- Fixed reference to empty_bays()
- Fixed reference to an undefined variable

v3.1.0 Apr 5th 2019

- Added RSS feed version of the change log

v3.0.0 Apr 5th 2019

- Major update to all systems to use an OOP design
- Removed all usage of GLOBALS superglobal
- Removed all suage of global keyword
- Removed all usage of config array
- Added SolarEmpire, BuildUniverse, DBI, and Util classes
- Improved email event tracking
- Fixed tracking of important system directories

v2.4.7 Mar 25th 2019

- Removed all references and usage of ifset. Function is now deprecated

v2.4.6 Nov 20th 2018

- Fixed a bug in the attack script that failed to kill a ship when it was destroyed

v2.4.5 Aug 24th 2018

- Fixed a bug with messages containing HTML special characters not displaying correctly

v2.4.4 May 5th 2018

- Fixed a bug in the Hourly Maintenance cycle affecting the availability of ships in auction house

v2.4.3 Apr 27th 2018

- Updated maintenance scripts so that the port variance changes, when appropriate, on daily instead of hourly runs
- Updated index navigation with a link to the Change Log

v2.4.2 Feb 20th 2018

- Updated Game Variable lists so that they can be filtered with a search string

v2.4.1 Jan 23rd 2018

- Fixed bug in Game Forums where the Quote option wasn't available
- Updated Quote mechanics so that they don't require an account or timestamp to work

v2.4.0 Jan 22nd 2018

- Added Change Log
- Added Change Log to the Help Menu
- Updated layout to show codebase version number
- Fixed fault in Discussions where Next Page link was mistakenly being displayed

v2.3.8 Sep 29th 2017

- Fixed bug with Ship rotation on death
- Fixed bug with split chains for System Generated messages
- Fixed bug where new Forum messages were not being detected
- Fixed bug where Attack links were being incorrectly displayed in System #1
- Updated Sub-space jump turn cost (decreased)
- Updated Sub-space jump turn cost if not towing (decrease from base)

v2.3.7 Sep 29th 2017

- Updated input fields on Planets; they will now show thousands separators for colonist allocations

v2.3.6 Sep 28th 2017

- Updated colonist reproduction model

v2.3.5 Sep 19th 2017

- Fixed minor fault in core layout file (cache control of JS)
- Fixed and improved caching of dynamically generated resources
- Updated class modifiers for Planet attacks

v2.3.4 Sep 15th 2017

- Updated messages to show individual Chains based on message type. This is primarily used for System Generated messages so that Planet Reports, Attack Reports and other messages are separated.

v2.3.3 Aug 21st 2017

- Updated Anti-ship battery damage; raised from 10% to 20%
- Updated Fighter defence; raised from 1% to 3%
- Updated Fighter damage; decreased from 100% to 31%
- Updated Class Modifier adjustments (mostly around Freighters)
- Updated final damage calculations to make defence more viable

v2.3.2 Aug 20th 2017

- Updated all Ship Types and existing game ships to fix the "infinite upgrade" problem regarding Auction lots. Ships now have a limit on how many Upgrades they can install (all help texts / info cards updated as well)

v2.3.1 Jul 25th 2017

- Fixed a bug whereby an Auto-Shift could take place without a Transverser or other Sub-Space Generator ship

v2.3.0 Jul 23rd 2017

- Added a Ship Editor for use by Admins

v2.2.0 May 26th 2017

- Added a check to see if all ships are mining from an Asteroid and provide an alert if not
- Added an auto-logout system which should make things a little more efficient
- Fixed a bug preventing the command from transferring after a ship is lost in an attack
- Added the ability to take Command of a ship from the Empire Overview
- Fixed a minor bug with Autowarp costs
- Updated the production modifier for Colonists

v2.1.2 Mar 14th 2017

- Fixed ability to manually sell resources at Starports
- Fixed planet_block level 2
- Fixed production of Fighters
- Fixed the parser error on the Outfitter
- Fixed a bug with Auto-shifting not calculating the correct available cargo space
- Updated the automatic amount of resources to unload as the maximum possible instead of 0 (based on cargo and available Warehouse space)

v2.1.1 Mar 13th 2017

- Fixed charging for upgrades on Planets
- Fixed bug with the outfitter allowing the purchase of Genesis Devices whilst they are disabled
- Fixed bug where a transferred ship is still towed by the original owner
- Fixed bug in discussions where a topic shows with new messages after you have posted a reply
- Fixed link to planet after using a Genesis Device
- Fixed bug where planets weren't correctly calculating free space

v2.1.0 Feb 27th 2017

- Fixed bug for auction lots breaking the end of the maintenance script
- Fixed port variance error in the maintenance script
- Added the ability to Quote messages in the Forum (Messages may follow)
- Fixed another bug with the auction lots failing in the maintenance script
- Added search to the Galactic News

v2.0.2 Feb 17th 2017

- Fixed fault preventing turns from being taken when warping between systems

v2.0.1 Feb 16th 2017

- Fixed fault preventing new ships from being given their default number of starting fighters

v2.0.0 Feb 15th 2017

- Initial release of Fall of the Imperial Empire

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