Winter-een-masJan 25th 2018

Now that the new year festivities are calming down and it's back to work and school for many, it's time to ramp up for Winter-een-mas!!!

A little known holiday that I like to celebrate and remind you of each year, created originally by Tim Buckley within the amazing Ctrl+Alt+Del web comic.

See where it all started here

Or this years story here

Posted by: Dead Eye
Merry ChristmasDec 22nd 2017

Merry Christmas all from your benevolent overlord! I hope you've all enjoyed this year of gaming on the latest edition of Imperial and have a Happy New Year as the site continues to evolve

Posted by: Dead Eye
Hosting MigrationNov 7th 2017

A quick update to let you know that finally the domain is auto-renewing correctly so there's no random downtime at last. But we're at that point where the server hardware is being made obsolete and we will be migrating to some shiny new ones.

The aim is for minimal downtime and there should be zero impact on the game itself for once, due it's modern nature - some of you will remember the hacks that went into place to get the game to run properly on previous upgrades.

Posted by: Dead Eye
Security UpgradesApr 25th 2017

As a follow on from my post the other day, I have also upgraded some further security regarding passwords and verification of logins. Anyone who has logged in to Fall of the Imperial Empire prior to this post has been largely unaffected because you have already benefited from these upgrades. Existing users however have had their passwords invalidated and you will need to use the Lost Password process to regain access to your account

Posted by: Dead Eye

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