Security UpgradesApr 25th 2017

As a follow on from my post the other day, I have also upgraded some further security regarding passwords and verification of logins. Anyone who has logged in to Fall of the Imperial Empire prior to this post has been largely unaffected because you have already benefited from these upgrades. Existing users however have had their passwords invalidated and you will need to use the Lost Password process to regain access to your account

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SSL For ImperialApr 21st 2017

So what with growing security concerns in general across the web, I've opted to begin the process of upgrading the site to use SSL encryption for all requests. At the time of writing I'm currently waiting on the certificates, but once they are available and I've tested them, I'll switch the site to forcefully use HTTPS for all requests.

If you do currently see any security warnings for the site (Chrome users are most likely to be affected and Firefox v53 has included new security checks), please be aware that although precautions are taken you should not login if you have any doubts about the network you are connecting from. This new SSL install will rectify this problem and provide everyone with a bit more peace of mind that your information is safe.

The release of Fall of the Imperial Empire also saw some behind the scenes security upgrades for password information. I'm confident in the current measures taken, however, I will be looking in to more advanced techniques to further protect you and your information :)

Your friendly, overbearing, security-minded Overlord
Dead Eye

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Fall of The Imperial EmpireFeb 15th 2017

Welcome all, to the new Solar Empire site, Fall of the Imperial Empire. It's taken almost a year of working behind the scenes to rebuild from scratch every single part of the site, but it's been worth it.

Imperial is now much more stable, much prettier (in my opinion) and easier to use on multiple devices, though continued refinement is planned. I hope you all enjoy the new site including the changes I have made.

Yes, the name is a playful dig at our dwindling numbers

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Server StatusDec 12th 2016

Despite the very low amount of traffic and players to the site, I thought I'd just post up to say that I am still around and do still check in on the site regularly. I still have plans and continue to work on an updated version of the site which I hope to get live next year.

As much as it may seem pointless to invest more time in what can be accurately described as a dying, or even dead, site / community, Solar Empire has always been a hobby and interest for me. It's also the reason I have a career and as a result I've learnt so much more that I want to put back in to the site.

One elusive component to Solar Empire that many a dev has touched upon, has been automated "players" (or AI's) such as Aliens, Pirates or the Sol Navy. This is something I would like to do more work on to try and make the game a bit more interesting when there are so few players around.

As always, I'll keep you all updated and keep an ever watchful eye on all of the games :)

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
Dead Eye

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